For creating a better design

Grange Design is made up of talented craftspeople who love what they do. Our mission is to design and make a kitchen that is a representation of you, the client. If we can draw it, we can make it! Brothers Adrian and Colm pour their heart into each and every kitchen they produce from spending hours sketching out ideas right down to hand painting your dream kitchen, fitted bedroom and walk in wardrobes. 



A new way of understanding

A place to cook, eat and be happy. A place filled with memories, laughter, tears and more. Your kitchen is a family space, a space that holds memories and is relaxing and inspiring. Grange Design understands and promotes this by getting to know their clients likes and dislikes, wants and needs. No 2 people are the same so no 2 kitchens should be either. 


Passion for brilliance

Here at Grange Design we pride ourselves on our craftmanship and love for what we do, which is why everything that we put in your home with be made by our teams talented hands and painted by hand also. We design kitchens that complement and create space; using colour and textures to allow you to have the kitchen you’ve always desired.

“Embraces modern technology and innovative solutions for optimizing production”

Grange Design believes that timeless quality is achieved through a combination of the best materials and the finest craftsmanship.


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